Super Mario Ice

Super Mario Ice 2.5

Super Mario Ice Tower is an action game with Super Mario characters
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Super Mario Ice Tower is an action game with Super Mario characters. Once again, controlling Mario, Luigi or Goomba, you must rescue the princess from Bowser’s evil hands. This time he got her trapped on the highest floor of a giant ice tower.

You must climb the icy stairs in order to get there, jumping between the segments and taking care not to fall over, otherwise you lose a life. As the stairs are slippery, running to gain impulse can make you go farther than you've intended. You can bounce against the sidewalls, which will give you an extra advantage. The game will reward you if you manage to jump over several steps at a time. As the game board moves, you must climb the stairs quickly enough to keep yourself into the board. If you fail to do so, again you will lose a life. When all lives are lost, the game will be over. When it happens, you are offered to submit your score to the developer’s page so that anyone could see it.

The game can be played in the "Coin Rush" mode, where you can pick up coins enhancing your score, or in the "Classic" mode, without any coins.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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